Cypheme Stops Counterfeits

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Easy to Use

With our labels, you and your customers are empowered to simply make use of the cameras of your smartphones without  the need to download any app; a simple picture taken gives information of  authenticity about a product.

The Power of AI

Our proprietary artificial intelligence technology is constantly learning and this helps to improve its ability to recognize attempts of fakes.

The speed of our AI contributes to a better experience for the consumer as an agent in the anti-counterfeit fight.

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Easy Implementation & Geolocation

Cypheme Geolocation


Cypheme’s AI gives you a new vision about your  counterfeited intensity.

We furnish you with a dashboard that shows geolocation data of your products authentication activities, while strictly adhering to GDPR guidelines.

Easy to Implement

No expensive reader needed; no specific assets required. Our solution does not involve your IT and it does not need integration with your system to activate the anti-counterfeit feature.

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