Grey Markets

The Real Threat of Grey Markets to Human Health

Counterfeiting, the act of producing fake goods and distribution of same as if they were real has been around for centuries. The…

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Brand Protection

Cost-effective Brand Protection Solutions

Brand Protection - For brands, counterfeiting poses a business, legal, and ethical issue. While counterfeit products make the brand less…

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Fake versus Real Puffbar

Cypheme’s AI Anti-Counterfeit Solution Reduces Fake Puffbar Vapes Scanned by more than 80 Percent

Stat 1: As at March 2021, 70 percent of Puffbar vapes on the market were counterfeits. Stat 2: By September…

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AI Technology

Employing AI Technology to Ensure that the World Eats Safe and Healthy

Food supply chains have been a target for counterfeiters and fraudsters for decades, and with food being one of the…

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Document Protection

Using Anti-counterfeit AI To Prevent Document Falsification

As the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances, we are beginning to see it being used in diverse fields of…

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Dormakaba makes use of Cypheme’s Noise Print tags to Secure their Floor Spring Product

Dormakaba, the world leader when it comes to the manufacturing and deployment of smart access solutions such as door hardware,…

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Counterfeits in cosmetics industry

Using Technology to Weed out Counterfeits in the Cosmetics Industry

The rise of ecommerce and social media as an affordable medium to market and sell products has led to the…

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Counterfeit Protection

The Future of Counterfeit Protection in a Fast-changing World

In 2018 according to some estimates, around 4.6 million bottles of Spanish rosé wine made their way into French cafes,…

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Ace Grading

Ace Grading – Taking Card Grading a Notch Higher with Anti-Counterfeit Technology

Ace Grading is a leading card grading service company in the global card trading market. That being said, the first…

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AI Anti-counterfeit Tech

Securing your Product with AI-backed Anti-counterfeit Solutions

Modern marketplaces have come with their own ills, and chief among them is the increased spate of product counterfeiting. The…

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