Anti-counterfeit technology for SMEs
Anti-counterfeit Technology for SMEs

The ease of doing business in most parts of the globe is facilitating the growth of new businesses every day.…

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The Pressing Need for Anti-counterfeiting Technology
The Pressing Need for Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Are you a brand that has just been introduced to the market and scared of your product getting sold illegally?…

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Solution to Fake Trading Cards
Have You Been Collecting Fake Trading Cards?

For most millennials, the collection of Trading Cards remains one of the fondest childhood memories. Trading cards that were a…

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Food Fraud
Food Fraud: Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue

Food Fraud - Are you aware of what is being served on your plate, and what you are feeding your…

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Brand protection for Jewelry and watches
It Is Time to Switch to New-Age Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions for Jewelry Brands

In March 2018, the world witnessed an infamous incident of counterfeiting that rocked the Jewelry brands industry. The US Customs…

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Gray Markets
Gray Markets and Parallel Imports; A Growing Concern

A lot goes into the manufacturing of a product; especially with the luxury market, each product that goes out is…

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Cypheme anti-counterfeit technology for fashion
Fashion Start-ups: Have You Protected Your Brand Yet?

The global fashion industry is finally recovering its footing after being hit by major disruptions emanating from the COVID pandemic…

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Brand Protection
What is Brand Protection?

We are living in one of the most prolific times of human history - technological advancement has been one of…

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COVID Test kit
At-home Covid Test Kits are Getting Counterfeited!

Circa late 2019, an unwanted guest made its way into our world, and changed it forever. A tiny virus crippled…

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The Global Threat That Counterfeiting Is…

Counterfeiting - Building a brand is a Herculean task. Besides the germination of an idea, research and innovation behind it…

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