Counterfeiting in the food and beverage industry has a substantial impact on both the producers’ income and their brand image. Cypheme offers a high-tech anti-counterfeit solution designed to both stop and prevent the expansion of this global headache.

Counterfeiting in the sector

As a consequence of the booming demand for exports, counterfeiting is rampant in the food industry. Fraud can take many forms, from printing fake prestigious labels on cheaper products, to manufacturing fake packaging designed to sell counterfeit products to the fraudulent use of a controlled origin. These malpractices have dramatic consequences both on the brand’s image and reputation but also on the health of consumers. They also result in a significant loss of revenue for professionals of the food sector.

The Cypheme solution

A tag has been affixed to this product, giving it a unique and impossible to duplicate identifier. A simple photo makes it possible to recognize this identifier with certainty and confidence.

Authentication can be done via the brand’s or Cypheme’s WeChat and Facebook accounts.

food product authentication with Cypheme label

Our solutions provide the best protection against counterfeiting in order to:

And they also open up an array of new possibilities such as:

Integrating Cypheme

We will work with you in order to select the most appropriate solution according to your needs.

Cypheme protects packed food
Cypheme protects food
packaged food anti-counterfeit

There are several choices for the location of the tag on these food products:

I want my customers to be able to buy my products safely

Cypheme allows anyone to verify the authenticity of your product, in seconds, by simply taking a picture of the tag with their smartphone. The process does not alter the product in any way, meaning it can be done freely, in the store, before purchase.

I want to make it easier for my products to go through customs

Cypheme makes it possible to verify the authenticity of your product, in seconds, by simply taking a picture of the tag with a smartphone. If a cargo container of your products is stopped at customs for verification, it can be checked simply and quickly.

I want to make my inspectors’ job easier

Cypheme can easily become a new tool for your inspectors. Thanks to its speed, simplicity and reliability, this unique solution will only enhance their efficiency.
For additional security, the Cypheme system can also be deployed via secure devices and thus also used by third parties.

I want to track my products to better understand my demand

The Cypheme technology allows products to be located in real time when they are scanned. You will know where your customers are and where your products are sold all over the world.

I want to track my products to identify counterfeits.

The Cypheme technology allows genuine and fake products to be located in real time when they are scanned. You will know where counterfeit products are circulating around the world.

I want to track my products for a better understanding of my supply chain.

The Cypheme technology is compatible with any traceability and internet of objects system in order to offer you a reliable tracking of each individual product.

I want to know my customers better

I want to drive customer loyalty

I want to increase brand awareness and give precise informations on the quality of my products

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