Counterfeiting in the wines and spirits market significantly impact producers’ revenues and the image of their brand. This is why Cypheme proposes adapted high technological solutions to stop tthe menace.

Counterfeiting of wines and spirits

Counterfeiting is largely spread in the wines and spirits market. It has been observed that popular, prestigious, and expensive brands have a higher propensity to be targetted by counterfeiters. The criminal minds that counterfetiters are usually ply their trade in this industry by refilling bottles with a different liquid, often flavourless, and made of ingredients and substances that can harm the consumer because of their bad quality. These practices have very detrimental consequences both for the image of the brand and the company’s revenues. Above all, it usually has hazardous consequences for the health of consumers.

Cypheme works with tags or labels affixed to wine and spirit products, giving each bottle/pack a unique identifier, making it impossible to duplicate. Consumers only have to take a simple photo with the camera of their smartphones and they can auithenticate it in less than 5 seconds.

Authentication can be done via the brand and Cypheme’s WeChat and Facebook Messenger accounts.

Cypheme used in winery

Our solutions guarantee protection against counterfeiting in order to:

In addition, you can make the Cypheme tag a marketing and geolocation tool:


Our different solutions allow us to create the scenarios best adapted to your needs.

Integrate Cypheme

We work with you to select the most appropriate anti-counterfeit system considering the company’s needs.

Cypheme for spirit and wines

You can put the anti-counterfeit tag on your product in different locations, according to your preferences: (photo)

I want to allow my customers to buy products safely

Cypheme allows anyone to ensure the authenticity of your product, in seconds, by simply taking a picture with their smartphone. The process does not alter the product in any way, so it can be done freely, in the store, before purchase.

I want to facilitate customs clearance of my products

Cypheme makes it possible to ensure the authenticity of your product, in a few seconds, by simply taking a picture with a smartphone. When a container of your products is held in customs for verification, it can be validated simply and quickly.

I want to make my inspectors’ job easier

Cypheme can come and enrich the inspectors’ arsenal. This unique solution for its speed, simplicity and reliability will allow you to multiply their efficiency. For additional security, the Cypheme system can also be deployed via secure devices and thus also used by third parties.

I want to geolocate my products to know my request.

Cypheme allows products to be located in real time when they are scanned. You will know where your customers are and where your products are sold all over the world.

I want to geolocate my products to identify counterfeits.

Cypheme allows products and their counterfeits to be located in real time when they are scanned. You’ll know where counterfeit products are circulating around the world.

I want to have a better understanding of my distribution channel.

Cypheme is compatible with any system of traceability and internet of objects to offer you in a certified follow-up of each individual product.

I want to know my client better.

Cypheme lets you know which single user is doing the authentication which of your products. You will be able to differentiate frequent, occasional consumers, and those discovering your products as well as resellers at different levels. Users of the Cypheme service can agree to transmit neutral information about themselves, for example age or gender, allowing you to draw a portrait of your typical customer.

I want to retain my client

Cypheme allows you to push the information of your choice to the consumer such as product information, links to your website or accounts on social networks, advertisements for other products or special promotions…

I want to give precise information about the quality of my wine or spirit:

Each product is unique and identified as such: the date and precise location of the production of this bottle, the vineyards, its characteristics… Complementary information can also be given: dishes and recipes that go well with it, tips to keep it or age well, way of making it nice before drinking…

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