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Our Mission – developing the best technological solutions to significantly put a dent in the global counterfeiting industry.

Our Vision – To make the counterfeit trade unattractive on every continent of the globe

Our Values


Putting a stop to counterfeiting.

Counterfeit, medicines have been responsible for taking the lives of about a million of people per year. This figure is more than those who die annually from both malaria and wars across the globe. Cypheme aims to pull the breaks on global counterfeiting so as to help save the millions of people who lose their lives as a result of the canker.

The threat of counterfeiting for all industries, is as real as it gets, and there has been an exponential expansion in the activities of counterfeiters over the last decade, so much so that many brands, companies and some governmental entities are beginning to accept counterfeiting as part of the usual business, but this should not be the case – pro-active anti-counterfeit measures need to be taken by stakeholders to nip this problem in the bud or to even preferably put a total stop to it.

Need an anti-counterfeit solution that works full-proof? The you should make use of our Artificial Intelligence powered anti-counterfeit technology which equips you with an efficient and permanent response to the threats of counterfeiting.

A Global Approach

Cypheme is an international company at its core.

We acknowledge that access to certain amenities such as safe and verified products varies from one part of the world to another. We acknowledge that for many, uncertainty about product safety and quality is a daily struggle. We acknowledge that it is increasingly difficult to make one’s voice heard in the face of unfair and increasingly fierce competition from fraudsters.

This is why our anti-counterfeit solutions have been designed solve these challenges. We want to bring brand protection and product security to everyone, everywhere in the world.

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Lives Saved - 75,000
Fake Products Eliminated - 10 Million
Revenue Recovered - 150 Million Euros

Our Awards

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Emballage Trophy

Manager of the year 2018
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Cypheme in the news

Créative Next Award

For Southern China
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APAC Business Award

APAC Insider Business Award 2020

Most Innovative Anti-Counterfeit Systems Provider
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Artificial Intelligence Award

Wealth & Finance AI Award

Leading Innovators in Anti-Counterfeiting Technology & Pioneer Award for Excellence in AI Brand Protection Solutions
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