Discovering the Value of Powerful Anti-counterfeit Technologies for Brands (7th July, 2021)

This webinar took place on Wednesday 7th July, 2021. During the event, participants were made to understand the link between the value of a brand and the impact of applicable anti-counterfeit technologies.

The negative impact that counterfeits goods have on how a brand is perceived by customers was made glaringly clear. Resource persons for the day were from Cypheme, and they gave the participating brands practical explanation on how anti-counterfeit technologies can help increase their revenues, while eliminating fake products at the same time.

A Strategic Approach to Product Protection

Cypheme C.E.O, Hugo Garcia-Cotte, explained the history of anti-counterfeit technologies over the years, and also touched on how brands can integrate product protection into their manufacturing and production processes.

The Brand Value Advantage that Anti-counterfeit Technology gives Companies

Cypheme Director of Sales for The Americas and APAC Region, Tony Belasco, revealed how state-of-the-art anti-counterfeit technologies can help brands leap-frog competition and stand-out from the crowd.

Active Brand Protection - Revenue Recovery & Justice Against Counterfeiters

Director for European and African Sales at Cypheme, Gilles Bonnabeau, in this webinar video gives practical insights into how Cypheme’s AI solution has helped our clients recover lost revenue and brought counterfeiters to justice.