The Best AI Fingerprint Technology that Protects Your Brand & Eliminates Counterfeits

We provide brands, manufacturers and governments with algorithm powered labels which are supported by our robust Artificial Intelligence (AI), helping to verify a product’s authenticity within seconds! This is made possible because of our unique fingerprint labels that cannot be copied or reproduced.

Our solution continues to save lives, protect brand image, stop counterfeiters and help companies recover lost market share and revenue.

What Makes our Label the Best

Cypheme Fingerprint AI Label

Our flagship label is called Noise Print; this is a proprietary fingerprint anti-counterfeit label that protects every product it is affixed on.

Noise Print is an anti-copy label that utilizes an advanced set of algorithms powered by an artificial  neural network that verifies a product’s  authenticity. However, it doesn’t stop there. Noise  Print can also geolocate where fake products are  known to been made.

This anti-counterfeiting system is easy to  implement and needs just a smartphone to keep  brands’ reputation and customers safe.

The Benefits of the Cypheme Solution

Advantages of Noise Print

The Advantages for Your Brand

Advantages for brands

Stop Counterfeiters, Stop Losing Revenue

“Brands and manufacturers are continuously faced with the risk of counterfeits and substandard imitations of their products. It is therefore important that there are concerted efforts to actively engage this menace and ensure that revenue is not shared or even lost to counterfeiters who are putting the lives of consumers at risk and negatively impacting brand images and value.”

“At Cypheme, our obsession is to make sure that you win by helping you protect products and recover your revenue, while also ensuring that the counterfeiting menace is eradicated. This is why we are availing you with the best anti-counterfeit solution you can think of.”

“Counterfeiters are not sleeping, neither are we.”

Hugo Garcia-Cotte


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