Cypheme Seals Partnership with Xpertio in Latin America

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico: We at Cypheme® are delighted to announce that we have forged a new partnership with XPERTIO Smart…

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Champions League
Fake Champions League Tickets and a Disorganised Final

The UEFA Champions League (UCL) is an annual football event where top-tier European football clubs play against each other in…

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Cosmetics counterfeiting
Fake-ups in Cosmetics and Makeups

Counterfeiting and refilling have become a norm in the cosmetics industry. Cosmetic and skincare products are things we can not…

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Supply chain
Solving the Global Supply Chain Crisis with Anti-counterfeit Technology

We are privy to terms like food prices, water crisis, and even climate change crisis. Not many of us are…

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CBD Counterfeiting, A Growing Nightmare

Anytime the word ‘counterfeiting’ is mentioned, most often than not, we conjure up images of either currency notes, high-end luxury fashion…

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fake e-cigarettes
The Hazards of Fake e-cigarettes

Fake e-cigarettes - More and more people are making the switch from smoking sticks for healthier alternatives like vapes and e-cigarettes…

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The Costly Mistake of Buying Counterfeits

Counterfeits Business is one of the biggest scams of this century - From edibles to fashion, trading cards to even…

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Alcohol counterfeting is solved by Cypheme
Alcohol Counterfeiting: The Need for a Foolproof Solution

Alcohol counterfeiting is a growing problem, and it is one to keep an eye on because it often results in…

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Cypheme solves counterfeiting in Pharma
Counterfeiting in Pharma, A Befitting ‘Cure’

Counterfeiting in pharmaceuticals is grave since it has a direct impact on healt - Medicines are an integral part of…

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The One-stop Solution to Counterfeiting

It is no news that the counterfeiting nemesis is becoming more rampant and aggressive by the day; According to the…

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